Our culture belongs to the brave and the curious. At Chiesi we focus on finding innovative solutions and embracing new challenges. Every choice we make is driven by the will to generate a positive impact both on our community and our planet. 

We firmly believe that every emotion is a moment, and every moment is life. We are the change we want to see. Why not be a part of the change?


At Chiesi, we are committed to building a working environment where everyone can do their best work and achieve their goals. To attract top talent and people from all walks of life, we put a premium on empathy, authenticity and different perspectives. 

Creating a positive environment in which people feel free to express themselves has always been at the core of our work. Because we know that being your best self is the first step to generating innovation, improving creativity and enhancing wellbeing.

At Chiesi we want to make sure that we:

-    Transform empathy into concrete actions 
-    Encourage inclusiveness and acceptance in general
-    Develop inclusive leadership and personal accountability
-    Build diverse teams and promote teamwork and shared efforts
-    Grant gender equality and create conditions to embrace disabilities
-    Drive the transition to an inclusive society, generating a positive impact on the local and global community
-    Support cultural diversity by offering opportunities for employment to minorities and underrepresented groups

Diversity and inclusion are the key ingredients for our success. Empathy is a habitual part of everything we do.

For us, a world that works is a world where everyone is different.