Chiesi has received the title of Europe’s Best Workplace, Top Employer, both in Italy and Europe, and Leader in Diversity on several occasions.

We are proud to celebrate these achievements as the voice of our people.


For us, being an excellent workplace means first and foremost being true to our mission, which is to provide innovative therapeutic solutions and improve the quality of life of patients. We believe that being able to create a positive, empathetic and stimulating working environment is a fundamental element for the growth of our people, and consequently, of Chiesi and its business.

For this reason, we work constantly to improve every aspect of people’s lives within Chiesi, starting with transparent and two-way communication, promoting empathy and diversity &inclusion, while also offering concrete opportunities for professional development. There is no point of arrival - it is a path that needs to be constantly supported in order to continue being an excellent workplace for everyone, day after day.